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This week in Puerto Vallarta fishing we are going to look into the most important issues on chartering a fishing boat here in Puerto Vallarta or for that matter any where in the world.
1 ) Safety. is first in anything you do here in Puerto Vallarta or else where.
We have been doing charters here for almost 30 years 0 accidents.
2 ) The crew. You can have a great crew and this makes for a fantastic day.
if you wind up with the wrong crew it can be a long day. Make sure the crew
knows your requests and what you expect them to do for you.
3 ) The boat. This is one of the most important factors. if you want to go
offshore and rent a boat that can’t make it you are in for a long boat ride.
Talk to the Capt. or owner before you trip. This can be hard as most of the
companies have someone else doing the emails or answering the phone.
I do all the calls and e mails personally. Plan your trip to ensure a great day.
4 ) Communication . It does not matter if you have a fast boat and super
crew if you can’t commutate with them. The day want be any fun.
Make sure you, your guests/family are on the same page and can converse
with the crew. This will guarantee you understand what to do and not do. Plus see all the sights coming and
going to the fishing grounds and returning such as sea life, special points of interests, landmarks.
5 ) Where to fish and length of trip. If you want a marlin, mahi mahi or sailfish you will need to plan the length
of your trip accordingly. Some days the fish are here in the bay other days they are offshore. Make sure
you have plenty of time to get to fishing grounds to ensure you can hook up the fish of your dreams.
I personally use a satellite service that I pay for annually each year that tells me where the blue water is,chlorophyll breaks,
water temp., altimetry,currents and winds.
Hope this information helps you chose the right boat for your family and friends while on Vacation here in beautiful
Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta sailfish

Puerto Vallarta sailfish

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