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Puerto Vallarta fishing charters are fun here in Mexico but can also be confusing.  When you get ready to book your trip you look at all kinds of websites listed here in Puerto Vallarta fishing charters.  The problem with this is a lot of these so-called fishing sites are not even here in Mexico.  The worst one online is Fishing Booker.  All you need is a picture of a boat.  No permit, no insurance. Stay away from this company.  So how do you know if you are getting a good boat, good crew, and a fair price?  First, do your research.  There are several websites promoting boats for rent that are not even docked in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  Even worse are the websites promoting boats that are not based here in Vallarta.

Deep sea fishing charters are easy to book with us. Check our website for the latest conditions here in Puerto Vallarta fishing charters.  Please read info below before booking with any Puerto Vallarta fishing .

puerto vallarta fishing charters

28 ft. super panga Puerto Vallarta

Be ready to ask questions.  do they have toll free number to call and speak with you about your trip with family or friends?  Ask for the name of the boat and Capt.  if they don’t know then look for another company.

I see several companies online stating THE BEST PRICES IN PUERTO VALLARTA.  How can these Puerto Vallarta fishing charters companies offer better prices than the owner/operators?  How would they make money?  It’s impossible to get better prices than we offer as we own our own boats.

Safety is one of the biggest concerns with chartering a boat here in Puerto Vallarta for a deep sea fishing trip.  We have been here for over 30 years and can report 0 accidents after doing a 1000 trips a year.  Be sure you Capt. lets you know where safety gear is before you leave the dock.

What size of a boat should we rent ??  I get asked this question almost every day. Of course, the answer is always related to the size of your group.  It could be a family, couples or just the guys for fun offshore fishing trip.  If you are doing a bay trip 4 to 6 hrs. super panga is perfect for 4 people or family with some kids.  If the kids are young and don’t go out boating for a long period of time.   I recommend 4 to 6 hrs. max. time on the water with young kids.  Some kids grow up fishing like I did and of course, can take longer trips but the parents will know more than the Capt. or me when booking.

deep sea fishing in puerto vallarta

Fishing charters in Puerto Vallarta

If you have 4  in your group and looking for comfort and more fishing lines them a medium size sports fisher is perfect for you.  Like this one.  Be sure and check the speed when renting a boat here in Puerto Vallarta fishing charters.  You don’t want to rent a boat that takes all day to get to the fishing grounds.  This will cut into your fishing time.  Ask before you rent.

If you are looking Puerto Vallarta fishing charters for a larger boat that can run 10 lines and teasers all at the same time rent one of our 40 ft. boats.

fishing puerto vallarta

Deep sea fishing charters in Puerto Vallarta

The other big factor when renting a charter boat is to make sure they have good gear.  You do not want to go after the big marlin or sailfish and not have the proper gear.  We use gold Penn and Avet 2 speeds up to 1000 meters of line.  The line is changed on the reels several times a year.

Your best bet is renting a deep sea fishing boat here in Puerto Vallarta is done your homework first, ask questions and check prices.

If all else fails just give me a call.  I let you know about any boat, Capt. or other charter company here in Puerto Vallarta. I’ve been here for over 34 years and love living here and helping our clients out.

Feel free to contact me at vallartafishing@hotmail.com or my toll-free number 800 4306048

Tight Lines and good luck on the fishing grounds,

Capt. Peter Vines

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