Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report

Puerto Vallarta August fishing report


Puerto Vallarta August fishing report is looking better each day.  This last month of  July fishing in Puerto Vallarta saw some of the best days of the year.  The August fishing report in Puerto  Vallarta will hold much of the same fishing.  The offshore action had it’s ups and downs but still produced many nice fish.  The best of the best came out in fishing Corbetena.  There were many big tuna and marlin  feeding there.  The best Puerto vallarta fishing technique  was the slow troll with large bonitas.  These 5 to 10 lbs.

marlin puerto vallartabait have caught more large tuna and marlin than any other method for the last 30 odd something years I have fished here.  There were also many fish caught last July trolling with mullet and black bart lure around the Corbetena and El Banco.  If you are coming to Puerto Vallarta looking for big fish August is one of the best months to catch tuna, marlin and sailfish.  Be sure and contact us before coming down so we can have time to look at the tides for the time you will be here and of course Terrafin satellite pictures we get daily.  puerto vallarta tuna fishing

The July bay fishing was insane this month.  August will only be better as more bait is showing up inside the beautiful Puerto Vallarta bay and offshore I mentioned earlier in this Puerto Vallarta fishing report for August.

There were several days we ran out of bait when hooking up over twenty big fish for the day.  The yellowtail, roosterfish, mahi mahi  and many other pelagic fish are hanging around the bay as the water temperature is still above 80 degrees and will be all summer long.  The bait fish line sardines are plentiful  along with many other bait fish.  If this will not hold the fish I don’t know what will.  When you have good temperatures, many bait fish and good blue water hold on to your fishing hat.  The fish will be biting for the month of August here in Puerto Vallarta fishing charters.  So come down to enjoy these fantastic fishing conditions here in Mexico on one of our 28 foot  pangas, 30 foot super pangas, Medium size sport fishers or one of our larger boats for the comfort and enjoyment we offer on all of our deep sea fishing charters here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Look forward to seeing everyone out there                                                                                                                                             

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Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report on where to fish


Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report on where to fish .  Let’s take a look at where to fish when coming to Puerto Vallarta.  We have so many incredible deep sea fishing destinations it’s hard to start telling folks which one is best.  The very first business we should discuss is the amount of time we will have to look for the best fishing experience for you and your group.  Sometimes we have familes,folks that don’t want to spend all day on the boat and of course the hard core fisherman want the offshore action all day or more.

big marlin puerto vallarta

One of my favorites fishing spots is over by the south shore called Los Arcos.  There are always fish by this island and also offers some good snorkeling.  Most of the fish we catch here are yellowtail,spanish mackerel, bonitos and some mahi mahi.  When the summer time fishing starts we can even catch a sailfish over on the south side of the bay.  These short trips include Los Arcos, Los Animas, Quimixto and Yelapa.  These trips can be done in 4 to 6 hours depending on what kind of trip you want. We offer fishing and snorkeling combo trip that can’t be beat.

The north sided of the bay also offers some fantastic fishing along the shores of La Cruz Haucazalte, Bucerias, and all the way out to beautiful Punta Mita.The waters along these north shores are usually shallow water fishing like jigging, sight casting and of course trolling.  In the prime months the shores of Punta Mita are full of Spanish mackerel which just happen to be one of the best fish for making cerchive.  There are several fish that can be used snapper, Mahi mahi but the Spanish mackerel is my favorite and will be yours after trying our famous cerchive recipe. There are some shallow fishing places and also some deep fishing places that are surpuerb for snapper, bonitos and yellowtail for those looking for fish to eat at the hotel or take home with them.

For the offshore fishermen we have several options.  The first is El Morro which can be done in a short 8 hour trip.  We usually catch sailfish, marlin and dorados on these fishing trips in Puerto vallarta.  There are chances to sight cast, trolling and of course some of our famous bottom fishing honey holes.

family having fun fishng in puerto vallarta

When the fish are a little father offshore my backup plan is always the Corbetena also known as the Rock.  This is where you can find big marlin, big tuna, mahi mahi and all kinds of bottom fish.  We love to fish this area for the huge pargo that can reach 100 lbs.  These pelagic fish are super favorable for eating and a whole bunch of fun to catch.  A few of the fishing techniques we use are trolling,kite,bottom fishing and of course casting for these huge fish.

These Puerto Vallarta offshore fishing trips can be done in 10 hrs or more deepening on where the bite is and the time these fish are feeding. Be sure and check the tides or just call me Capt. Pete for the latest Puerto Vallarta fishing report.

In my opinion the El Banco is one of the very best fishing places in the world when the conditions are right.  The tuna, huge black and blue marlin live there as there is always large amounts of bait fish there for the taking.  This magnificent fishing location goes from several thousand feet up to a low point which is 50 feet in depth depending on the tides.  There have been a large number of 1000 lbs. marlin taken from this fishing spot here in Puerto Vallarta.     snapper fishing in puerto vallarta

When you fish here be ready to spend the entire day as you will need at least 12 hrs. to get out there for these big fish.  When the conditions are right El Banco can’t be beat at this incredible location.

So what are you waiting for come down and enjoy one of our special fishing trip designed specially for you and families, friends or hardcore fishing buddies.

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Puerto Vallarta fishing July


Puerto Vallarta fishing July has started off with a bang. The fishing is getting better and better each week. We have been catching all kinds of fish in the bay and offshore as well.   This July Bay fishing  we have had some really great days all kinds of fantastic fishing. Some of the best fish that we have been doing has been trolling, jigging and sight casting. In some of the better spots that we go to Offshore The water has heated up and are catching snapper like crazy. We have been using some live bait and some cut bait on some of these deep sea fishing charters in the bay with wild bottom fishing. 4th of July fishing with a lot of action here in Puerto Vallarta. The blue  Water here in  Puerto Vallarta is incredible along with the refreshing rains come in the late evening .  This refreshes the land / sea and cools it off in the evening. The fishing is better each day as the water cools off a bit in the evening. 

best fishing in puerto vallarta

 The offshore fishing is fantastic catching Marlin, some  big mahi mahi /  Dorados and sailfish .The best best method for fishing for these guys the last week or so pitch baits and of course submerged objects in the water like palm trees or wooden crates where the Dorados love to hang around . These are sure why we’ve been able to clean up on catching the Dorados with live bait and also using some Pitch lures. Likewise we have caught good numbers of fish on  live bait. The Marlin we’ve been catching have been caught on black Bart lures trolled fast and some skip baits.   I love mix these into the fishing  spread. That has been for baits along with for lures trolled about 7 knots that we are seeing on our Terrafin charts. The Terrafin is providing us where the blue water and of course we’re some temperature

best catch in puerto vallartabreaks are happening. If you want to the fish great action here in Puerto Vallarta let us know a couple of weeks before hand. If you’re looking for a fun day or days come down to Puerto Vallarta fishing and check us out and see what boats/ Captains we have.  We can handle groups from 2 to 200 . Just let us know how we can help it will get you out there for a fun day. Thanks and see you on the water here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Peter Vines


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Puerto Vallarta fishing report July. The water is warming up and so is the fishing.  The bay fishing is extreme and all of our boats are landing all kinds of incredible fish like mahi mahi, snapper, bonitos and even sailfish in the bay.  The light evening rains have really set the tremendous fishing frenzy into action.  The super pangas for small groups have been hitting all the fish.  We had one super panga catch and release one sailfish and over 30 other game fish today to start the July fishing season here in Puerto Vallarta.  The light winds have been welcomed by all the families and other fisherman and fisher women as well.

puerto vallarta deep sea fishing charters

The medium size sport fisher has been catching fish offshore and in the bay.  Some days the bay fishing has been so good there was no reason to head offshore.  These boat run more lines then our super pangas and have also been catching sailfish, marlin, mahi mahi and all the small game you want to catch.  One of these Puerto vallarta sport fishers caught a sailfish and marlin today and what a happy group to be in.  What an incredible day of fishing.  This calls for a trip to Gray mounting company that helps us out here in Mexico and other resorts through out the beautiful beach destinations.      

Our larger boats we operate are having a field day offshore and in the bay.  Most of the days we were fishing for the big one 20 to 30 mile offshore but can never turn down the unrealistic action the bay has been producing.  The tunas are out at the Corbetena and some at El Banco.   The marlin fishing has been off the charts just out past Punta Mita Nayarit.  This is very close to the Four Seasons hotel and the ST. Regis hotel here in Punta Mita which is a couple of the nicest 5 star resorts we have in the bay.  The sailfish are also thick just offshore with a few of our boats releasing over 8 sailfish a day along with some dorados.   big puerto vallarta marlin

The best dorado action has been up close to Lo de Marcos which is a good run for anyone of our boats but we want to catch the fish for our clients.  Fish with the pro here in Puerto Vallarta fishing and you will see a huge difference when going for these throphy fish.

Until next week hope to see everyone out on the water here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

Capt. Pete and crews



Puerto Vallarta fishing options for the summer time.  The top questions we receive everyday are how many hours should we fish  boat should we rent. The best answer to this question is what you would like to fish for here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.  In the summer time the bay if full of small game fish bonitas, Jack carvelles, spanish mackerel and mahi – mahi. This is perfect for the six hour  day  fishing  trip or even the four hour fishing trip we offer here in Puerto Vallarta fishing.  On most days for big game we need to leave the bay and this requires  an eight hour trip more depending on where the fish are running and what you would like to catch.  Like the marlin, sailfish and mahi-  mahi that roam these waters during the summer months.

Puerto Vallarta Fishing

panga Puerto Vallarta

The  top fishing question is which boat should I rent for the day.  This is an easy question but has several options as well.  The main fishing reason is the size of you group or your family.  If it’s just 2 people I always recommend our 28 to 30 ft super pangas.  These boats are fast and well equipped with the same fishing gear as our bigger boats.  The big difference is comfort and of course the number of lines that can be run behind the boat while trolling.  Running 6 lines with a super panga is fantastic and throw in a teaser and well you might just have you an incredible day fishing on one of the fine fishing vessels.

The second size sport fishing boat we  offer for families and friends that have 4 or more people is the 34 foot fishing boat.  These boat have a cabin and of course bathroom know as a head on any vessel.  We can run 8 lines at a time and a couple of teasers.  This means you have better chances of hooking up marlin , sailfish and dorados also know as mahi –  mahi in some places.  These pelagic fish can be a tremendous fight that can last for hrs. depending on the size of the fish.

deep sea fishing in puerto vallarta

The last but not least  fishing charter boat is one of our 40 foot boat that comes with everything included and are very comfortable to fish in for the longer trip such as 8 or even more hrs.  There is a galley for cooking the fish and a place even to take a nap on some of the long range fishing trips we take out of Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

These 40 foot boat can run 10 lines and teasers for the ultimate fishing experience and landing the big fish of your dreams.

I always get the question on who is the best captain in Puerto Vallarta ?  The answer is a combination of boat the boat and the Capt. And of course the first mate.  We have teams that have been together for over 30 years working on the same boat and know how  to catch fish.  Come out with us and enjoy the excitement of Puerto Vallarta charters fishing here in the warm waters of Mexico.
Look forward to see everyone on the water

Capt. Pete


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Dos Amigos fishing yacht


Puerto Vallarta fishing June report as the summer time fishing has come early this year.  Each year we wait for the gentle tropical rains start here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico to cool the weather off and to heat up the fishing.  These gentle rains usually start around the middle of the month as the sardines and other bait fish fill the bay of flags also know as Bahia de Banderas.  With all these bait fish in the bay and offshore the waters are full of

marlin puerto vallarta fishing

mahi – mahi, sailfish, tuna, and even marlin right here in the bay.  If you came to fish Puerto Vallarta now is the time to be here as well as the best of the summer.  Think about it the fishing is incredible and summer has not even got here.

I was out yesterday and have not seen this many bait balls in the bay in a long time.  The bait has been here but now in full force.  The water was around 80 deg. In many parts of the bay and holding fish.  When the water clears a little here in the bay could just be the best fishing of the year this month of June fishing in Puerto Vallarta.  There are sailfish taking live bait and lure during the peak times of tide change.  There have been some blue marlin along with the sailfish in the bay eating every thing in sight.  The same game like Spanish mackerel, yellowtail and bonitas are thick and will be around as the are bait fish every where.

The offshore action is putting up good numbers as well.  the marlin are at the rock as know as the Corbetena.  The large marlin like black and blues are there and will be until the bait runs out our a big temperature change.  The are still a few stripped marlin around as well following bait and hitting really well on lure trolled around 9 knots in flat seas.

puerto vallarta fishing report

For you best offshore action at some of the big pelagic fish is 10 hrs. trip to Corbetena using large chorros or high speed lures like black bart.  The dark colors have been working best for us but have been hitting anything during tide changes.

The water is hot as the fishing in Puerto Vallarta some come down this summer for some great action.  We off some of the best rates for hard core fishermen or just going out in the bay for some family fun  If you want some fantastic fishing the Puerto Vallarta fishing summer fun is the place to be.

marlin fishing puerto vallarta

Give us a call at one of out toll free numbers or e mail us as well.

Hoping to see everyone out on the water having fun here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Capt. Pete and crews


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Puerto Vallarta fishing is hot.  The large baits have arrived along with bonitas.  This is great on so may levels.  The sardines bring the mahi mahi , sailfish, stripped and other game fish.  When the bait comes here and hangs out for long period of time this means only one thing.  Super fishng in Puerto vallarta.  The sailfish ,  dorados, and marlin all have a water temperature that they like to swim in.  Just like us when we take a bath.  We all have a temperature we like the water to be.  Will so do fish.  This is one of the main reasons we are checking the water and pacific ocean water temps.  These fish love to be in the perfect water temperature around 77 deg..

There’s one thing that will keep fish in Puerto Vallarta or move them to another location.  Food yes food.  Bait.  No matter what the water temp is or the color of the water.  If the bait/food is there ya have a great chance to land the big one that most folks are fishing for here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  When we find the bait that these pelagic fish love we have hit a home run.  We like these conditions are the fish are thick and there for the catching.  I use terrafin  for all of our boats.  If it’s one of our super pangas 28 ft., or med size sportfishers 32 ft. or one of the 40 ft sportfishers with everything included.

The bonitas we caught to day are a good sing that the big fish are here and coming to stay.  The big tuna and marlin love to eat the 5 to 10 lbs bonitas.  Bait for us that fish for these big guys.  Ya must have a good boat that has tuna tubes are you are just wasting your time. If you can find the big baits and load up the tuna tubes your chances of catching a big marlin have increased ten times.  When the water temp start rising and the two favorites baits start showing up these means great fishing here in Puerto vallarta.  The  marlin will be here and so will the best fishing in the world.  Come down catch one of these trophy fish that run in these waters of the Pacific ocean and the are that surround Puerto vallarta.

This last week the bay fishing was hot for snapper, yellowtail, Spanish mackerel and other game fish.  Best bet was 6 hrs. in the bay on one of our super pangas for smaller groups or one of the larger boats for 4 or more people wanting to fish here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

The offshore action has be incredible.  The stripped marlin have been hanging around for the bait that I described above along with sailfish.  These trips can be done in 8 hrs. or  maybe 10 hrs. depending on where the fish are running.  It’s best to call and speak with Capt. Peter Vines toll free to plan your fishing charter here in Puerto Vallarta before you come down to find the right boat and the best trip for you and family.

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January  fishing report in Puerto Vallarta
Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year. The fishing
In Puerto Vallarta is at it’s best. The weather , temperature and fishing bite
Are almost perfect. I always like to start with the Puerto Vallarta bay fishing as
This time of the year we always have lot of families that like short trips as many
People have young kids. If the kids are less than 10 years old we recommend 6 hrs. or less for bay trips. Of course some kids can fish all day depending on the ages. Even though there are lot of huge mantas, sea turtles, dolphin and
Humpback whales to see along the way out and back. The kids love it but then again who doesn’t ??
The bay fishing trips are resulting in snapper, Spanish mackerel, Bonita, mahi mahi and even a couple
Of sailfish on the last couple of trips. The seas have been flat making for a smooth ride for all. The best bet
Is book your trip along with the tides to give you a better chance of hook ups. The is still plenty of bait in the
Bay so be sure you have live bait to take on all trips.
The offshore trips are landing some nice marlin,sailfish and mahi mahi. A couple of the best spots we fish el morro and Corbetena
Have been the best this month. There have been several nice marlin caught on some 8 hrs trips but 10 hrs has been the best bet for
Catching the huge fish. The are black marlin , blue marlin and of course stripped marlin. The first 2 marlin species have been hitting
Fast speed lures and our old favorite live bait. The latter has been on lures , pitch baits , and the slow troll with 2 to 4 lb baits. The tuna are still
Hanging around Corbetena, El Morro and of course El Banco.
The very best fishing has been at the islands Maries. These are 2.5 day trips where you can catch marlin, sailfish, tuna and the bigger marlin.
Send me a message for the details about these fanstic trip for all kinds of great fishing at vallartafishing@hotmail.com
The Year is about to end but the great fishing is just starting up for us here in Puerto Vallarta fishing charters. We will see ya next year 2018.
Merry Fishmas from
Capt. Pete and crews
Puerto Vallarta Mexico
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report August 18, 2017
The fishing for the month of August here in Puerto Vallarta has been strong. We have been having lot of families and some fantastic trips here but school has started the last week and now it time to start fishing for the big ones. I’m talking 8 hrs deep sea fishing trips here in Puerto Vallarta plus a few hrs. The summer time can be great here in the bay but most of the time the big marlin are hanging around the Corbentena and El Banco. The fishing there can be epic at times. Big tuna , marlin, sailfish and mahi mahi also known as dorados. The Corbetena is 35 miles from Puerto Vallarta and El Banco is 50 miles. On these trips we usually fish early morning high speed lures and then switch to skip baits. On arrival to one of these spots we always look for the bait movement. Where there’s lots of bait movement there will be marlin and big tunas. We like to start with the 5 to 10 lbs. bait and do a slow troll about 1 to 2 knots. The marlin can’t resist these baits. And when ya hook up hold on for a 3 to 4 hr. ride in the chair. The water temp is holding around 80 deg. is most places and this makes for good fishing here in Puerto Vallarta. Come on down and wet a line with us and have some summer fun while it last. The beers are cold and the fishing is hot.
Tight Lines
Capt. Peter Vines
Puerto Vallarta fishing charters

August 5 , 2017

This week in Puerto Vallarta fishing we are going to look into the most important issues on chartering a fishing boat here in Puerto Vallarta.

1 )  Safety.  is first in anything you do here in Puerto Vallarta or else where.
We have been doing charters here for almost 30 years 0 accidents.
2 ) The crew.  You can have a great crew and this makes for a  fantastic day.
if you wind up with the wrong crew it can be a long day.  Make sure the crew
knows your requests and what you expect them to do for you.
3 ) The boat.  This is one of the most important factors.  if you want to go
offshore and rent a boat that can’t make it you are in for a long boat ride.
Talk to the Capt. or owner before you trip.  This can be hard as most of the
companies have someone else doing the emails or answering the phone.
I do all the calls and e mails personally.  Plan your trip to ensure a great day.
4 ) Communication .  It does not matter if you have a fast boat and super
crew if you can’t commutate with them. The day want be any fun.
Make sure you, your guests/family are on the same page and can converse
with the crew.  This will guarantee you understand what to do and not do.  Plus see all the sights coming and
going to the fishing grounds and returning such as sea life, special points of interests, landmarks.
5 ) Where to fish and length of trip.  If you want a marlin, mahi mahi or sailfish you will need to plan the length
of your trip accordingly.  Some days the fish are here in the bay other days they are offshore.  Make sure
you have plenty of time to get to fishing grounds to ensure you can hook up the fish of your dreams.
I personally use a satellite service that I pay for annually  each year that tells me where the blue water is,chlorophyll breaks,
water temp., altimetry,currents and winds.
Hope this information helps you chose the right boat for your family and friends while on Vacation here in beautiful
Puerto Vallarta

Tight lines
Capt. Pete Vines

July 22, 2017 Deep sea Fishing report Puerto vallarta

The summer fishing has started off with a bang. Over the last month the water temp has went up 82 deg. and hotter in some spots.  The use of Terrifin which has saved use time and helped us get on the fish when other boats could not find them.  We have been catching tuna over by yelapa along with sailfish and dorados when the water was blue.  The inshore action has been great . We have had lot of families fish this last week and numerous father/son trips here in Puerto Vallarta fishing.  On some days we could not keep the yellowtails off the line with several  triple hook ups.  The large skip jacks are here and great fun for the kids to catch.  The also make a great ceviche for our clients. There have been some Spanish mackerel around in the cooler water.  The break water lines have been producing some nice mahi mahi along with the occasional sailfish in the bay.The offshore action is producing huge snapper (pargos ) tuna and marlin.  The Corbetena has water temp. over 80 deg. plus.  Some fast speed lures like black bart early in the morning are helping us catch these big marlin.  The dorados will also hit these lures.  The tunas show up more than often at El Banco.  The water temp has been over 80 deg. for some time now.

The rainy season has started this summer but this only makes the fishing better with all the floating stuff in the water means catching dorados around these structures.  On some days we can just  keep pitching live baits and catching dorados all day or until the live bait runs out.

Best bet for fishing  is 6 hrs bay fishing for families and short trips. or 10 to 12 hrs trips going for the big ones.  Be sure and call us on our toll free number 800 -430 6048 for the latest Puerto Vallarta fishing report.  We look forward to seeing yall this summer here in Puerto Vallarta,  Mexico

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Capt. Pete and crews

p.s. take a look at http://www.travelvallarta.com for rates and more info


Puerto Vallarta fishing report

July 9 , 2017

The water and weather has heated up.  The fishing has heated up as well.  We have fished several days in the bay and several days outside the bay.  Both types of fishing trips have been very successful. The bay fishing can be done in 4 to 6 hrs.  We have caught lots of small game fish over the last few days.  The jack carvelles are every where .  The best bet has been the tuna over by Yelapa and Los Arcos.  The mahi mahi also know as dorados are along the south shore.  The water has been clear to a little off color.  The have been some roosterfish mixed in with these other fish.  The south side of the bay for roosterfish is best right now,  The temp has been over 80 deg. in most places.  We have used all kinds of trolling, pitch baits, fast lures, down riggers and skipping baits to catch these fish.
The offshore fishing is still great .  Sailfish , tuna and big marlin or just a few of the fish for summer fishing in Puerto Vallarta.  The 10 and 12 hr s trips have been fantastic catching all kinds of fish mostly marlin and tuna.  The sailfish action is strong as well.
The summer fishing in Puerto Vallarta can’t be beat so come on down and wet a line with us.

Fishful Thinking

Capt. Pete and crews

p.s. remember we offer super pangas, medium size sport fishers and 40 ft yachts with everything included.


June 2017

The bay fishing has continued to get better each week since our last report in May.  There has been numerous family fishing trips here in Puerto Vallarta fishing.  The summer break for kids and college students will be in full swing over the next couple of weeks.  This means some great fishing here in our beautiful bay.  The medium to 10 lbs. tunas are showing up in good numbers over on the south side of Puerto Vallarta fishing and Los Arcos.  These deep sea fishing trips in Puerto Vallarta can be done in 4 to 6 hrs.   Great for families  and folks that don’t want to spend all day  on a fishing boat but still catch fish. We have several boat to offer from pangas

puerto vallarta super panga

super panga Puerto Vallarta






To medium sized sport fishers

Puerto Vallarta Fishing

bay fishing in Puerto Vallarta








Or one of our 40 ft. sport fisher with everything included.

Puerto Vallarta Fishing

dos amigos








As you can see we have some of the best fishing boats here in Puerto Vallarta and the very best crews.

This month we have incredible offshore fishing and one of the best tournaments of the year.  The annual San Blas tournament which offers prizes in sailfish, marlin, tuna and dorados aka mahi mahi.  There are 10 cars this year and we plan on winning another one this year.  The water is heating up almost to 80 deg. in some of the offshore spots like El banco, Corbetena and El Morro.  These are the places that produce most of the sailfish, big tuna, marlin, and mahi mahi fishing here in Puerto Vallarta fishing charters.  If you are coming down check with us or take a look at facebook page to see where the fish are biting.

If we can help you in any way in Puerto Vallarta fishing charters call us toll free 800 4306048 from United States or Canada.  and please don’t forget to ask about our Military discount.

e mail us vallartafishing@hotmail.com with any questions you might have about boats, crew, fishing or pricing

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Capt. Peter Vines







May 18 2017 report for Puerto Vallarta fishing

The sailfish and marlin are show up.  The water is blue offshore and bait is plentiful.  The best trips have 8 to 10 hrs to get out to the good fishing grounds.  El Morro and corbetena have been a couple of hot spots.  Every year we have many trophy fish from these 2 places.  Best bet now is lures and skip baits in the morning on the tide changes.  If the marlin are the large chorros 5 to 10 lbs . for live bait with het you a big marlin, a black or blue.  Th sailfish action will be off the charts in the coming weeks.   The snapper fishing is still holding strong.  Come down and wet a line with us and have some fun.

Spring time is here and  the fishing is taking  off.  The fishing is heating up in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  sardines are coming and that means bait balls and crazy fishing.

During the months of  March to October we have some of the best fishing in the world.

In the month of April  bait start showing up and the fishing is off the charts.

Spring time fishing in the bay can produce a lot of action with marlin , bonita,yellowtail,tuna,mahi mahi and even sailfish. This is because the water temperature reaches about 80 deg.  And stays there until the summer months roll around. There will usually be a trash line that is created from all the stuff that come out of the rivers here in Puerto Vallarta and surrounding areas. We have 5 rivers that feed into the bay here. Early morning fishing on this trash line can put ya on mahi mahi and sailfish almost everyday. Be sure and have lots of live bait. Trolling with lures and sewn baits such as mullets work great as well. These bay trips are great for the families or someone looking to catch a trophy fish.
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deep sea fishing in Puerto Vallarta

For those who are serious about catching the big one such as marlin and tuna summer is the best time be fishing the outside of the bay. With the water temperature around 80 deg. There are schools of bonitos everywhere and the marlin and tuna follow them here to Puerto Vallarta. Just out past the Maritas,Corbetena and El Banco are just a few of the places we fish for the big ones. Plan on a 10 to 12 hr day for the marlin and tuna trips. As you can see summer time fishing in Puerto Vallarta can not be beat so come on down and wet and line and have a cold one.

marlin puerto vallarta fishing

Puerto Vallarta marlin

There are a lot of fishing tournaments here in Puerto Vallarta fishng.    for marlin, sailfish  and tuna, lot of prizes and money

Tight lines

Capt Pete


fishing charters puerto vallarta

Tournament winners 2016

one of the cars Capt. Pete and crew won this year in Puerto Vallarta fishing tournaments.

This year tournament will be June 2017 here in San Blas Nay.. with many prizes like cash and new cars.


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Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report

Fishing Report Punta Mita

April 2017

The spring time fishing is in full swing here in Puerto Vallarta fishing.   The water temp is holding around 78 deg. and blue water in most places. If you can’t get to the blue water that is holding bait the chances are not good for big game fishing here in Puerto Vallarta fishing.  Some days the run has been short but others plan on around 2 hrs. I’ve been using terrafin and plotting courses before we leave the dock. This cuts down on the time we need to find where the fish are feeding. This information along with what we did the day before is the best knowledge you can have when going after big game.

Right now there are marlin, tuna, sailfish and dorados here in Puerto Vallarta fishing. Last week the tuna were at the banco ( 50 miles offshore ) and Corbetena  you need to plan on a 10 to  12 hr trip to catch these. The marlin were hanging around the Corbetena which is a 10 hr trip but can turn into a 12 hr trip depending on the action. Some folks just don’t want to leave when they see all the action the fishing spot has to offer. The large bonitas ( 5 to 10 lbs ) we use for the big tuna and marlin work really well for pargos around the rocks at Corbetena and Banco. A simple slow drift with whole or  bonita work best. If we have live bonitas we will put them down first.

Puerto Vallarta tuna fishing

Puerto Vallarta tuna fishing

The sailfish have been in and outside the bay the last few days. These trips can be done in 8 hrs. Best bet is to work the chlorophyll break line where we know the blue water meets the slightly off color water, works great for catching the dorados ( mahi-mahi dolphin ) as well.

The inshore fishing has been a mixed bag. Some days finding mahi mahi and sails in the bay and just outside. The bonitas have been all over the bay. The jack cerville are schooling in and just outside the bay. These trips can be done in 4 to 6 hrs.

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fishing charters puerto vallarta

One of the cars we won in Last Puerto Vallarta fishing tournaments.


Come on down and wet a line with us!

The fishing is hot in Puerto Vallarta Fishing: Roosterfish, Tuna, and Marlin now inside the bay, as well as Mahi Mahi, small game fishing has been great fishing.

Lot of Marlin, Sailfish and Tuna yesterday at the corbetena and Banco.

Wow !! Magnificent fishing now in Punta Mita. 


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Besides offering 8 hr. trips we also offer 10 hr. and 12 hr. trips for fishing at the Corbetena and Banco. For the very best chances of hooking the big one we have an overnight trips as well.

Starting April we will be offering a free Puerto Vallarta fishing seminar for anyone interested in fishing here in Vallarta or who just wants to learn more about the sport of deep sea fishing.

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Capt.. Pete sailfish relase

Right now there are marlin, tuna, sailfish and dorados here in Puerto Vallarta fishing. Last week the tuna were at the banco ( 50 miles offshore ) and you need to plan on a 12 hr trip to catch these. The marlin were hanging around the Corbetena which is a 10 hr trip but can turn into a 12 hr trip depending on the action. Some folks just don’t want to leave when they see all the action the fishing spot has to offer. The large bonitas ( 5 to 10 lbs. ) we use for the big tuna and marlin work really well for pargos around the rocks at Corbetena and Banco. A simple slow drift with whole or bonita work best. If we have live bonitas we will put them down first.


The sailfish have been in and outside the bay the last few days. These trips can be done in 8 hrs. Best bet is to work the chlorophyll break line where we know the blue water meets the slightly off color water, works great for catching the dorados ( mahi-mahi dolphin ) as well .

The inshore fishing has been a mixed bag. Some days finding mahi mahi and sails in the bay and just outside. The bonitas have been all over the bay. The jack cerville are schooling in and just outside the bay. These trips can be done in 4 to 6 hrs.

Come on down and wet a line with us

The fishing is hot in Puerto Vallarta Fishing



The weather is perfect and fishing is hot. So come on down and enjoy the superb fishing here in Puerto Vallarta.
The Los Muertos fishing tournament November 16 to 18 th. ,2016

We have 1 boat open for the Fishing tournament .

Lot of fish caught by everyone.

So if you want to bring down the family for a day of bay fishing or go after one of the big ones now is a great time to fish here in Puerto Vallarta.
The fishing is holding strong and will only continue to get better.

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