Fishing Rates Puerto Vallarta

Capt. Pete
August  2017

Here are the fishing rates Puerto Vallarta
Come join us, you won’t be disappointed!

Here are a few of the best performing  boats offered by Capt Peter Vines:

**For Dos Amigos: 1/2 Day — Beers, sodas, water and fishing licenses / Full day — Includes fishing license, bait, all gold penn gear, Avet fishing reels, water, cokes, beer, crew and Capt. Pete. ( I do most of the trip but can’t be on every one )   We also offer 10 hr. and 12 hr. trips upon request ! This is for going after the big ones.

Puerto Vallarta Fishing

** Only the larger boats offer sodas,water and beer.  Please ask before booking **

The ultimate fishing trip Dos Amigos EL Morro,Corbetena and El Banco all in the same day: 1200 everything included

Maria Islands 1.5  trip: 3250

Maria Islands 2.5 day trip: 5575

We are located in Marina Vallarta at:
Marina Los Palmas 11
local # 4 Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta.
Tel local office 22 10920
cel 322 29 46240

Toll Free from Unites States and Canada : 800 430 6048

Charters leave from Marina Los Peines

Toll Free from U.S. and Canada 1 800 430 6048

If you have problems dialing while in Vallarta to make a reservation  just ask your  hotel operator

Contact us via our contact page.

tuna fishing with capt. pete

tuna fishing in Puerto Vallarta

Don’t be fooled by other web sites that say they have the best price. Our prices are from the owners and can’t be beat. I’ve been here offering my charter services for over 30 years. A Lot of so called Puerto Vallarta fishing sites you see here on the web are not even in Puerto Vallarta.

There are numerous boats listed in Vallarta that are not even here or don’t have the boat name listed.

The biggest mistake you can make is picking the wrong boat and being out on the water with a crew you do not understand or like. Call us and ask questions I’m here to answer all your questions and concerns before the charter ever begins.

The 2nd biggest mistake you can make is thinking you will get a good deal at the hotel. WRONG !!!! some hotels charge up to 50 % to send clients to our boats, I don’t work with these hotels.

The 3rd biggest mistake is buying a trip off the beach vendors. These guys push the charter boats that pay the most commission, not the best boats. Before you book try to talk to an owner or Capt and if we can help you out please feel free to call us with any questions that you might have. With this said there are a few good beach vendors on the beaches here in Puerto Vallarta and are good friends of mine.

The 4 th. biggest mistake getting on a slow boat that will not even be able to get you outside the bay where the fish are most of the time (the big ones)

Good luck, Tight lines while you are here fishing in Puerto Vallarta

puerto vallarta fishing

fishing on dos amigos

My toll free number is 1-800-430-6048 and I can be reached most of the time except when I’m fishing really far offshore. If you miss me call in the evening and I’ll answer all your questions.

Contact us at

fishing puerto vallarta

Dos Amigos fishing

Dos Amigos ready to fish

if you cancel 2 weeks before trip there is no refund

unless there’s weather family problem