• Puerto Vallarta fishing spring report

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    Spring  report

    The spring fishing here in Puerto Vallarta is one of the best times to fish in Puerto Vallarta if not the best.

    For short trips there are yellowtails, bonita, snapper, Spanish mackerel and many other game fish in the bay.  These trips are perfect for those who don’t want to spend all day on the water.  The length of these trips would be 4 to 6 hrs.

    For folks that want to fish for sailfish and mahi mahi the fishing is great just offshore. As the water starts to  warm the sardines come so the  mahi mahi -sailfish come as well.   The best bet is to fish one of the current lines ( trash lines )  early in the morning for dorados and then in the afternoon go for the sailfish.  April  is the very best month for sailfish here in Puerto Vallarta fishing.

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    Puerto Vallarta sailfish

    Puerto Vallarta sailfish


    For fishermen that want to go for the big tuna and marlin the action is always hot this time of the year offshore.  There are three main fishing spots we fish during this time of the year.  The corbetena is one of the best and can be done in 10 hrs if you on the right boat.  That means be sure you have a good sportfisher that can at least cruise at 15 knots and if not rent a good boat.  The next place that holds big tuna and marlin is El Banco which is 50 miles offshore and most of the really big fish come from this spot.  It’s an underwater knoll that rises from 800 feet of water to just 50 feet and holds bait there almost year round.  All the fish big game hunters are looking to catch are here.  If you fish El banco 10 times 9 times you will come home with the fish  of a lifetime.

    marlin fishing

    The ultimate fishing grounds is known as Las Marias.  Here is one of the top 10 places to fish  in the world.  The islands are 80 miles offshore and we do 2.5 day trips out to the islands for the trip you will never forget.  I been there numerous times and have never had a bad trip there.  They hold tuna, sailfish, marlin, dorados, snapper and all the above in great numbers.  These islands are restricted as where we can fish, as Mexico had a penal system there that holds about 3000 inmates.  There are four islands and the fishing here is great year round.

    tuna fishing punta mita 018

    The choice is yours from 4 hrs. to overnight trips but winter fish in Puerto Vallarta can’t be beat.

    For more info check out www.travelvallarta.com

    Or call Capt.  Pete toll free at 1 800 430 6048

    Capt. Pete

  • Puerto Vallarta Fishing Ceviche Recipe

    The fishing remains strong here in Puerto Vallarta fishing.

    Capt. Pete has had many requests for the ceviche recipe we make on the boat DOS AMIGOSDOS AMIGOS

    Here’s what ya need to get started for 6 people :

    1. 1 lb. of white fish: here are a few that can be used – dorados ( AKA mahi- mahi)  red snapper, Spanish mackerel,halibut, flounder, or a combination of 1/2 lb white fish and 1/2 lb of shrimp.

    2. 15 limes or  lemons.  I always use limes

    3.  cilantro          use the whole bunch ( chopped fine )

    4. 6 tomatos ( med) deseeded

    5.  1 red bell pepper, 1 green bell pepper, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 orange bell pepper  chopped/deseeded

    6. 1 large onion  white, red, yellow what ever flavor you like

    7. 1  large carrot  grated

    8. fresh ground pepper

    9. fresh ground sea salt

    10. Maggi cocktail sauce or soy sauce

    11. olive oil

    12. couple of peppers your choice  chopped depending on hot you like it !!! JALAPENOS ARE GOOD

    13. tostados

    14. avocados 2 large

    15. 2 large plastic bowls with tops

    16. large cutting board

    17. couple of beers for drinking while you make the ceviche

    step 1 chop fish or shrimp in small pieces nothing larger that 1/4 inch

    this will help the limes cook the fish/shrimp faster

    step 2 put in plastic bowl and squeeze  limes over all the fish, just enough to cover the fish/shrimp

    step 3 put in refrigerator , then should be stirred several times over the next 45 min while preparing

    the vegetables

    step 4.  chop all the vegetables into 1/4 inch pieces

    step 5  put all vegetables into the second plastic bowl

    step 6 check your fish that has been in the refrigerator for 45 min, by now the fish/shrimp should have changed color, they should be a white color now.  If not leave them in the refrigerator a few more min.  ( don’t use to many limes- this will make your ceviche taste like limes )

    step 7 mix the shrimp/fish and vegetables in large bowl , add fresh ground salt and fresh ground pepper

    STEP 8  put in 2 table spoons of soy sauce or maggi cocktail sauce and mix

    step 9  you can add 2 table spoons of olive oil as well ( optional )

    step 10 put in refrigerator for 15 min and serve on tostado with wedge of avocado

    step 11 add your favorite store bought hot sauce on top of tostado and serve

    This is the one we like to make on the boat DOS AMIGOS for our clients







  • Puerto Vallarta Fishing

    Puerto Vallarta Fishing
    Puerto Vallarta Fishing & Charter Tours by Capt. Peter Vines

    The only company in Puerto Vallarta that offers a money back guarantee!
    Puerto Vallarta fishing charters since 1986

    This week in Puerto Vallarta fishing we are going to look into the most important issues on chartering a fishing boat here in Puerto Vallarta or for that matter any where in the world.
    1 ) Safety. is first in anything you do here in Puerto Vallarta or else where.
    We have been doing charters here for almost 30 years 0 accidents.
    2 ) The crew. You can have a great crew and this makes for a fantastic day.
    if you wind up with the wrong crew it can be a long day. Make sure the crew
    knows your requests and what you expect them to do for you.
    3 ) The boat. This is one of the most important factors. if you want to go
    offshore and rent a boat that can’t make it you are in for a long boat ride.
    Talk to the Capt. or owner before you trip. This can be hard as most of the
    companies have someone else doing the emails or answering the phone.
    I do all the calls and e mails personally. Plan your trip to ensure a great day.
    4 ) Communication . It does not matter if you have a fast boat and super
    crew if you can’t commutate with them. The day want be any fun.
    Make sure you, your guests/family are on the same page and can converse
    with the crew. This will guarantee you understand what to do and not do. Plus see all the sights coming and
    going to the fishing grounds and returning such as sea life, special points of interests, landmarks.
    5 ) Where to fish and length of trip. If you want a marlin, mahi mahi or sailfish you will need to plan the length
    of your trip accordingly. Some days the fish are here in the bay other days they are offshore. Make sure
    you have plenty of time to get to fishing grounds to ensure you can hook up the fish of your dreams.
    I personally use a satellite service that I pay for annually each year that tells me where the blue water is,chlorophyll breaks,
    water temp., altimetry,currents and winds.
    Hope this information helps you chose the right boat for your family and friends while on Vacation here in beautiful
    Puerto Vallarta

    Puerto Vallarta sailfish

    Puerto Vallarta sailfish

    For more information:
    Nuevo Vallarta: Ph 01: 322-10920
    Puerto Vallarta: Ph 221-0920 or 044-322-2946420
    WHATSAPP : 52 1 322 2946240
    US & Canada – Toll Free: 1-800-430-6048



    Contact us via our contact page or vallartafishing@hotmail.com

  • Trip Advisor Reviews Puerto Vallarta

    Puerto Vallarta Fishing
    See what others said about our cruises, fishing trips & deep sea fishing charters
    The tripadvisor reviews Puerto Vallarta of several of our boats.

    We went out fishing with Freddy and his brother, Giovanni. They were very courteous and assured us that we would have a good and safe day. They were right! My husband caught two huge yellow tails. He had a lot of fun reeling them in, and I enjoyed the entertainment! We would highly recommend using this fishing service to anyone!

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    Best part of my vacation
    I recently took a trip down to Puerto Vallarta and went fishing with Capt. Pete. I had a fantastic time! Fishing was great and the atmosphere was incredible. Capt. Pete was very helpful and informative, my group and I definitely learned a lot and are…More

    Thank Hilary C
    pvsail, Owner at Puerto Vallarta Fishing – Capt Pete, responded to this review
    Responded 3 weeks ago
    Hilary thanks for coming out with us and yes it was a killer day. What a fun group to have on the water. Glad to hear yall had a super day and yes please come back next year We will be waiting Thanks Capt. Pete…More

    First Fishing Trip Ever
    Best Trip ever I was very impressed by the professionalism Of Capt Pete.I had the time of my life .Thank you so much.One down for my bucket list.More

    Thank Raul M
    pvsail, Owner at Puerto Vallarta Fishing – Capt Pete, responded to this review
    Responded 3 weeks ago
    Thank you for coming out with us on your first day of fishing here in Puerto Vallarta mexico. I’m glad my crew was able to show you and friends a great time on the water. You will be hooked from now on. ON golf and…More

    puerto vallarta super panga

    super panga Puerto vallarta

    Big catch
    Capt. Pete was very helpful when we were booking the trip and gave us tips about Puerto Villarta on the phone. We went out on Katy’s – a super panga (boat) with Freddy and Victor. They won’t talk your ear off but will tell you what you need to know and are very good at answering questions. Better, they find fish. Big fish. Apparently, no one else was catching much of anything. We caught 6 yellowtail in less than 4 hours.
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    Ask reg1309 about Puerto Vallarta Fishing – Capt Pete

    2  Thank reg1309
    This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
    pvsail, Owner at Puerto Vallarta Fishing – Capt Pete, responded to this review
    Responded June 25, 2017
    Hey guys thank you so much for coming out with us and taking the time to let everyone know about you great day with us. Hope to have you guys back again anytime. Once again thanks for the fantanstic day
    see yall soon
    Capt. Pete and crews


    Great Day of Fishing with the Capt Pete’s Crew!
    We have been staying at Paradise Village Resort for nearly a decade and decided this year we wanted to experience deep sea fishing. We chose to go on this adventure with Capt Pete on the Dos Amigos. Capt Luis and mate Christian were excellent guides. We caught many yellow-tail and bonita. They made fresh ceviche while we watched and served it to us with fresh, crispy tortillas on the return trip to the marina. We had a wonderful day and would highly recommend!
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    Ask LesBenita about Puerto Vallarta Fishing – Capt Pete

    Thank LesBenita
    This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
    pvsail, Owner at Puerto Vallarta Fishing – Capt Pete, responded to this review
    Responded 3 weeks ago
    Thanks again for coming out with one of the best crews here in Puerto Vallarta.
    Glad to hear yall had a great day and had the crew make fresh fish for yall. Next time yall are down please come by for a cold one or come out for another adventure
    See ya next year
    Capt. Pete and crews

    marlin fishing puerto vallarta


    Capt Pete and the Dos Amigos with Dos Amigos! Fantastic!!
    My son Connor and I took a 6 hour tour on March 25th 2017 resulting in a fantastic day of fishing! My son landed 6 Crevalle jacks, numerous Spanish Mackerel and Bonita’s(think thats right). At one point we had 3 fish hooked at the same time, I even caught one. That was crazy!
    Half way thru the tour Captain Pete spotted some whales so we followed. A mother and her calf swimming the bay, wow! We had numerous dolphin sightings as well as multiple huge Manta Rays right by the boat.

    Christian prepared lunch from the fish we had just caught. They were the best ceviche tostadas!! It was absolutely delicious.

    Captain Pete on Dos Amigos is the only way to go! He made it a great experience and was really helpful and informative. I’d definitely go back on Captain Pete’s boat again.

    Thanks Captain Pete!
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    Ask CVCV880 about Puerto Vallarta Fishing – Capt Pete

    Thank CVCV880
    This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
    pvsail, Owner at Puerto Vallarta Fishing – Capt Pete, responded to this review
    Responded April 3, 2017
    It was my pleasure to take yall out on the Dos Amigos fishing with one of my best crews. We had almost non stop action with whales ,dolphins, sea turtles and huge manta rays along with lots of fish. We hope to see yall again and thanks for taking the time to let others know about your trip with us.
    See yall next year for more fun
    Capt. Pete and crews
    p.s. after over 30 years fishing here we know the best fishing spots and how to take care of our new clients and all that have been with us before.

    marlin fishing in puerto vallarta

    marlin fishing Puerto Vallarta

    click here to see Puerto Vallarta Fishing



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  • Puerto Vallarta Condo Rentals

    Puerto Vallarta Fishing

    Puerto Vallarta Condos & Luxury House Rental

    • 2 story
    • 4 bedroom,3 bath oceanfront villa
    • spacious living room and kitchen area.
    • Swimming pool.
    • Direct TV ( U.S. )
    • 24 hr security and maid service
    • Optional car or Van Service available with rentals.

    Book from owner and save!
    Punta Mita : Ph 01322-2210920
    Puerto Vallarta: Ph 221-0920 or 044-322-2946420

    Toll Free 1-800-430-6048 From The U.S. and Canada

    Coffee Maker Convection Microwave Convection Oven
    Hot Plate Kettle Large Fridge with Freezer
    Microwave Range Oven Range Top
    Toaster Bakeware Blender
    Bread Maker Cappuccino Maker Crock Pot
    Dishes, Glasses & Cutlery (matching) Eating Bar Electric Frying Pan
    Espresso Maker Ice Machine nearby Island
    Pots & Pans Bottled Water
    Living Room
    DVD Player with no movies Phone – without an answering machine Radio
    36 inch LCD High-definition Television TV source is satellite VCR with movies
    Security Safe
    King Bed Alarm Clock
    Queen Bed

    Queen Bed
    Bathtub Tub/ Shower Sink
    Toilet Hair Dryer
    Regular Stall Shower Sink Toilet
    Regular Stall Shower Sink Toilet
    Double Air Mattress
    Laundry Room
    Iron & Ironing Board Washer & Dryer
    Outdoor: Outside
    BBQ private to this property. Deck 1 Sail Boat
  • Puerto Vallarta

    Puerto Vallarta Fishing
    Banderas Bay offers the most water of any resort in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

    Being the largest natural bay (bahia) in Mexico, it’s no wonder it is home to the Humpback Whales who come to Vallarta every year to have their young. Giant Manta rays, Sea Turtles and Dolphins can be found year round. Nuevo Vallarta is also home to some of the best year around Big Game Fishing in the world! Coming soon we will have the November Sailfish and marlin Championships  .  The Puerto Vallarta sport fishing  has been super fantastic this year, we have seem more sailfish, marlin and mahi-mahi   than any year before.  All of our deep sea fishing Puerto Vallarta trips have been hot with lots of fish boated everyday. The great weather we have been having has really heated up the deep sea fishing and we have had great sailing cruise here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.. The sunset cruises  here in Vallarta have been offering spectacular sunsets that are some of the best of the year.

    Puerto Vallarta Fishing

    Puerto vallarta

    Besides all the great cruises we have here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico there are all kinds of great shore trips to do.  We have the city tours which can be done in 1/2 day and are very reasonable.  The jungle tour is one of the favorites or locals and tourists alike.  This is a all day tour that takes you to some of the unknown places around Puerto Vallarta.  There’s also a beach stop to one of the out of the way beaches.

    We offer some of the very best Puerto Vallarta excursions all year round at discount prices.

    The zip line is one of my favorites and is fun for couples of the whole family.  The are serval here in Puerto Vallarta but be sure and ask us which one is the best.   One of my friends built the first one and it’s the best. Zip lining in Puerto Vallarta what fun.

    * Free 1/2 day fishing trip if you qualify! Send us an e mail for more information: vallartafishing@hotmail.com